Micro 4-5 & Little Ninjas 6-9 Years Old

Micro 4-5 & Little Ninjas 6-9 Years Old BJJ program In Ardrossan, Canada

Micro Ninjas (4 & 5 years old)

Our Micro Ninjas program is specifically designed for the youngest members of our academy, ages 4 and 5. We understand that at this stage of their development, children need a fun and engaging environment to learn and grow. Through exciting games, interactive exercises, and age-appropriate jiu jitsu techniques, we create a positive and nurturing space for your little ones to thrive. Our experienced instructors focus on building their motor skills, coordination, and listening abilities while instilling important values like discipline and respect. Your child will not only develop a foundation in jiu jitsu but also gain confidence, make new friends, and lay the groundwork for a lifelong love of martial arts. We keep our Micro’s class short and sweet so that your child doesn’t get board or frustrated, ensuring they are excited to come back week after week!

Little Ninjas (6-8 years old)

Our Little Ninjas program is designed to introduce children between the ages of 6 and 8 to the exciting world of jiu jitsu. Through a carefully crafted curriculum that balances skill development with fun activities, we provide a safe and inclusive environment for your child to learn and grow. Our passionate instructors guide them through fundamental jiu jitsu techniques, teaching them self-defense skills while focusing on character development. Your child will gain confidence, improve their physical fitness, and develop important values such as respect, discipline, and perseverance. By fostering a sense of teamwork and camaraderie, we create a supportive community where your child can flourish both on and off the mats. For those who want an additional challenge, our Little Ninja’s competition team provides a competitive environment where kids can travel with our team to tournaments across the province competing with the best young athletes.

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